Kayaking Milford Sound New Zealand

March 21, 2012

Rosco's Milford Sound Kayak tour

The best way to explore Milford Sound, New Zealand is with Rosco’s Milford Sound Sea Kayaks. There is nothing like getting up close to the beauty of this place from the seat of a kayak, rain or shine: it is truly the best. Having spent 4 years as a professional sea kayaking guide in the Sound, it is, without a doubt, my favorite place in the world.

Rosco’s has a number of guided trips depending on your comfort level and experience. If you are new to the whole paddling thing then the Sunriser Classic is the way to go — a leisurely paddle exploring both sides of the fiord. For the more experienced and physically fit there are also trips that utilize a water taxi to travel out to either the 151 meter (495 feet) Sterling Falls or all the way to the mouth of the Sound and the Tasman Sea for a 16 km (10 mile) paddle trip.

Whatever tour you decide to do, there is nothing that beats the appreciation of the magnificent beauty of this place that you get from a kayak as you paddle under towering mountains and waterfalls while exploring local wildlife. True New Zealand Adventures has two tours which allow you to explore Milford Sound: our 6 day Southern Shot and 14 day Rugged West. Check out these tours on our trips page.

 Quick facts:

Costs: Sunriser Classic $130 $NZ, other packages range up to $199 $NZ

Drive time: Te Anau to Milford Sound 119 km (74 miles) — about two hours (without scenic stops).

Where to Stay: The only accommodation available in the sound is the Milford Sound Lodge.